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10 September 2008 @ 04:37 pm
As we approach Adamant Entertainment's 5th birthday in November, we thought we'd take the time to answer the question: What's up with Adamant?

After spending most of 2007 in a holding pattern due to the changing circumstances of the roll-out and implementation of the Game System License, one thing has become fairly clear to us -- if we're to maintain our company's health, we need to branch out from our concentration on the d20 rules system. Fear not, though -- we're not abandoning it entirely.

For example, we'll be continuing our support of 4E with our Venture 4th line of products. Later this month, the second module in the series, Against the Air Pirates, for character levels 4-6, will be released in PDF and Print.

We are, however, canceling our planned Odyssey System -- a hard look at the market has convinced us that there just isn't any room for another variant d20 rules set. Customers are already well-served by any number of the variants currently available, and it makes no sense for us to put another entry out there in an already crowded field.

What does this mean for our other d20-based lines?

Well, as you've probably seen already, we'll be canceling our d20 MasterKit line -- the products are currently all on sale for a dollar each, and will remain so until the sell period for the d20 License ends (the end of this year), at which point the products will be removed from sale.

Buccaneers & Bokor, our support for Green Ronin's Skull & Bones piratical d20 setting, is also officially ending (although since they're not branded with the d20 license, they'll remain available online). Adamant Entertainment has the option to produce a 4E version of Skull & Bones, and we'll be considering that option in the future, if there appears to be a demand for it.

Our Imperial Age line of Victorian-era products will continue as before, and we'll be publishing a stand-alone Imperial Age core rulebook, based on the Modern SRD, in December, so that fans of our Victorian-era supplements will always have a core set of rules they can choose to use with those releases.

Thrilling Tales, our acclaimed pulp line, will be getting a re-launch in November as THRILLING TALES Second Edition -- and will be an officially licensed Savage Worlds game! The line will debut with the release of a core rulebook (in print and PDF), followed by an Adventure Omnibus, an anthology of our pulse-pounding pulp adventures re-statted for Savage Worlds.

MARS, our roleplaying game of planetary romance, will also be getting a re-launch -- doubly so! In December, we'll be releasing two separate versions of the MARS rulebook -- one version using Savage Worlds, and one version using the FATE system (the system behind Spirit of the Century, Starblazer Adventures and the forthcoming Dresden Files RPG!). All future supplements and adventures released for MARS will be triple-statted -- available for use with the Savage, FATE, or original d20 version!

Expect our licensed support of Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds to continue, with this month's release of The Villainomicon, and our new line of licensed support -- for Pelgrane Press' Trail of Cthulhu, will kick off just in time for Halloween with our first adventure, The Hollow Men.

Adamant will be moving into distribution with all of the above product lines -- and a few surprises, as well, including our first card game! Expect more announcements as they develop.

....and looking a year ahead, Fall 2009 will see the release of Tales of New Crobuzon our role-playing game based on the works of China Mieville. We'll be partnering with Cubicle 7 Entertainment on this one, with Adamant handling development and design, and Cubicle 7 handing distribution to the hobby and book trade.

We're very excited about our plans, and we hope that you are, too! Thank you for your continued support.