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19 April 2012 @ 04:34 pm
GenCon Industry Insider Guests of Honor  

Originally published at Adamant Entertainment's website. Please leave any comments there.

Last night, the fine folks at Gen Con announced the 2012 Industry Insider Guests of Honor. Adamant Entertainment is honored that Gareth-Michael Skarka and T.S. Luikart have both been chosen to appear, along with an impressive slate including: Tavis Allison, Steve Kenson, Mark Rein-Hagen, Wolgang Baur, Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat, Stan!, Michelle Lyons, Dennis Detwiller, Ryan Macklin, Christina Stiles, James Ernest, Dominic McDowall-Thomas, George Strayton, Matt Forbeck, Jason Morningstar, Richard Thomas, Jess Hartley, Susan Morris, Rodney Thompson, Kenneth Hite and James Wyatt.

GenCon will be putting together a list of panel discussions and seminars featuring us, in our varied areas of expertise. Once we have details about the specific events where we’ll be appearing, we’ll post about them here.

See you in Indianapolis this August!